The retreats are seven days residentials that include board and lodging. Isy will be joined by Steven Saunders, the founder of Holigral, and possibly one other facilitator, both flown in from overseas for the retreat. Isy is the only Holigral facilitator in Australia at present.

With the retreat format, you will look at your entire life. It involves Holigral facilitation for up to ten hours a day, one on one (there will be a ratio of three participants per facilitator). You work on your own life story and you can expect to resolve the blocks and beliefs that are not serving you, that have been holding you back from being fully who you are and achieving all you want in life.

Participants say that these retreats are life changing. Holigral graduates report major shifts such as having much better relationships generally, rejuvenate their marriages, (even if they are on the brink of falling apart) or find they meet their partner within the coming months, find they are functioning better at work or find their dream jobs. All report a deeper connection and understanding of who they are and experience greater joy, peace and satisfaction with their lives.

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Wow, what an experience! I no longer need to search for the meaning of life. I have clarity on my life purpose, I am in charge of my emotions and I have eliminated the self limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I now know what I have to do to achieve the life I dream of and I know I will succeed. The joy and happiness I experienced during those 7 days has stayed with me. My life has change dramatically. My relationships are stronger, I get up in the morning knowing I will achieve what I set out to do and I have a completely new perspective on life. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about taking the ride of their life.

Eugene McGarrell, Sydney

I got so much out of this week and found it really quite life changing. I learned a lot more about myself and managed to release a lot of baggage which I didn’t even realise had been weighing me down. I feel so excited about the possibilities life has to offer me and everyone around me. I experienced feelings of pure joy and excitement while on the course and continue to do so now. I am also looking forward to being coached over the next nine months as issues arise in my life. These guys (the facilitators) are very objective and caring sounding boards who seem to be able to empower me to make the right decisions for me.

Alison Carter, Investor relations Manager and Isagenics coach, Sydney