Holigral is a scientifically designed set of processes that trace problems back to their original source and heals them. It re-integrates any disowned aspects of ourselves; parts that were not safe to express earlier in life. Sometimes they don’t appear to be a trauma. They can be small things, misinterpretations of things that create behaviours that served us then but are no longer serving us as adults.

Holigral provides a rational, scientific framework for deconstructing the layers of selves that block peak flow and our natural intuitive powers. Aspects of Holigral can be seen in most psychotherapies, counselling and coaching, and conventional NLP, for they are aspects of the whole.

The founder of Holigral (Holigral.com), Steven Saunders, describes Holigral as “the Holy Grail, a complete theory of human nature and how the mind and selves are structured.”
He was one of Britain’s top physicists in the field of stealth radar detection and sensory perception.
After obtaining his masters in NLP for senior management he continued to develop the ideas behind NLP with David Grove to come up with a model of the human psyche that allows for any “buttons”, “triggers” and old patterns of behaviour to be undone or healed. It is still a very new tool. The development and research was only completed 10 years ago in the UK. The late David Grove was world renowned for his work in psychotherapy and NLP. Steve worked with him in the last five years of his life. David Grove said that Steven was the only person who really understood what he was trying to achieve. He was quoted as saying:

“You are the most farsighted person I have met in my entire life.”

David Grove, the late genius therapist and creator of Clean Language

A typical session involves having a conversation with a facilitator. In this, you trace the signals from your life back to their source where the dysfunctional patterns where created, correct the perception and bring it into the now so that your life can now be informed from a fresh set of internal principles. It is NOT reprogramming like conventional NLP. It simply UNDOES the dysfunctional imposed belief. NLP can be very useful for identifying these old patterns. Holigral is different because it does not seek to re-program but to undo the old program, leaving you free to create whatever is naturally you.

Other self development programs are still useful for inspiring you, helping you stay committed to your goals, giving you strategies for changing your life, all important aides. Holigral undoes the pattern so it doesn’t come up again and can continue to support you as new challenges emerge from this new sense of self, operating from a new paradigm of freedom and heart-centred awareness, now clear of mind chatter.

Steven Saunders has published two books about Holigral. The first book is a fabulous little book called “Mind Tricks Ancient and Modern”. The second is a more academic piece called “The Emperors’ New Psychology”. A third book is on the way. Steven is Isy’s brother. Their father was an inventor, their mother, a top psychotherapist in the UK.





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