bowen-405Isy runs one on one coaching sessions or small groups for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

She has been a Bowen instructor for over 20 years and now only does CPDs for practitioners who are already qualified (in any school of Bowen).

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“All in all, I cannot express how grateful I am to have met, learned from and been treated by Isy – she has literally changed my life in many ways.”


“I have now had the enormous privilege of attending two of Isy’s workshops and can honestly say the amount of Bowen I have learned has changed the way I practise (for the better of course) and the results my clients enjoy are excellent. The added depth of knowledge and the emphasis Isy puts on accuracy of moves is brilliant. I have made a new friend in Isy and also friends will fellow Bowen practitioners from around the country (England) and will definitely be attending the next course if humanly possible.
Now for my personal journey. When attending my first workshop with Isy, towards the end of the last day, she introduced us to ‘deep stabilisers’. Wow and more wows. For many years I had been living a very, very stressful life and knew I needed to do something sooner or later to change this or else my body would make me. And my body made me after receiving deep stabilisers at the hands of Isy Gabriel. I literally unwound on the couch. Two months on my body was still unwinding particularly overnight when my hubby commented on my jerks and jumps in my sleep. Over the following months I had symptoms of CFS but I knew deep down I was simply recovering from the years of abusing my body and mind. I attended my second course with Isy just two months ago and again, wow. I have leapt into the next stage of recovery and am now beginning to feel like my old self – at last.
All in all, I cannot express how grateful I am to have met, learned from and been treated by Isy – she has literally changed my life in many ways.”

Margaret Cotton. Bowen therapist, UK

“I am a Bowen practitioner and began my original Bowtech training in 1997, with Isy as my instructor. We have maintained a friendship since then and have been fortunate enough to swap treatments with her regularly. We have also shared a number of informal ‘skill-refresher’ days, working side-by-side on a client or friend.
I have always found Isy to be empathetic in her dealings with people. She displays a natural compassion, not just with a client or in everyday life. This translates to an often deep healing shift on the table under her hands. Her technique is naturally flawless and she has kept me honest with mine more than once over the years.
I have great pleasure in providing testimony to her abilities as an accomplished and outstanding Bowen therapist and trainer.”

Peter Spurway, Australia