Posture and body language are affected by an interesting mix of psychology, physiology and family ancestry.

People often walk like their parents. How we fitted into our family often affects how we hold ourselves physically and translates into our body language.

Our posture can often be misread by others and that’s usually not to our advantage (see references to this on the testimonial page).

Becoming aware of our own posture and body language and what that is relaying to others, unconsciously, is the first step in shifting to a posture that serves us better.

Isy’s combination of mind and body skills allows her to address posture in a unique way. Bowen helps in sculpting a better body posture by awakening muscle groups that have not been doing their job and relieving stress in over-used ones. Holigral can get to the roots of the personal psychology behind the posture and Family constellations can release any patterns handed down from the family that no longer serve you to represent.


David Claughton: Testimonial on the effects of Bowen on his posture.