Flower Essences


Isy also uses “The Himalayan Enhancers” and the “Gulaga Essences” during her treatments with Bowen Therapy where indicated. This allows the session to drop into the deeper layers underneath the issues the client has presented with.

There are many essence ranges now available throughout the world. Isy sometimes also uses Ian White’s Australian Bush flowers, the original Bach flowers and a number of other individual favourite essences. As a range, she finds the Gulaga essences made on the Far South coast of NSW to be some of the most powerful on the planet, crafted by Tanmaya, who also makes the “The Himalayan Enhancers”.



“The way Isy works with essences within her Bowen sessions is inspirational. She has a deep connection to the flowers (and other elements) and brings intuition, wisdom and experience to the journey between the essences and the client.”

Tanmaya: Founder of Himalayan Enhancers & Gulaga Essences