Bowen Testimonials


“My ankle had caused me problems for a year or two. An x-ray revealed no serious issues but it ached constantly. I found Isy and her Bowen through an alignment of the planets and after 3 treatments my ankle was not only pain free, as an added bonus my life-long allergic reaction to my horse was also alleviated! isy’s ability to tune into my body’s need to reset to what I call it’s “factory defaults” was impeccable. Her skillful hands sought out the problems and stimulated my body to correct the misalignment caused by years of misuse and neglect. Her treatments worked for me and they will for you.”

Carol A: Teacher, gym owner and manager, aerobics instructor (female 50’s)

“Before I had Bowen with Isy, I had shoulder, knee, back and neck problems, which caused me some discomfort and at times affected my ability to play sport. My knee and shoulder problems resolved almost instantly and I rarely notice my back now while my neck is improving rapidly.
My general health has also significantly improved and I’m no longer getting recurrent colds. The Bowen may be contributing to that. The biggest unexpected benefit however is my significantly improved posture. I’m feeling more relaxed, confident and happy and much more aware of my body.
The other thing I love about getting a Bowen from Isy is that it is a profoundly nurturing and caring experience.
I’m amazed that such a gentle and calm technique can achieve such significant improvements in my overall wellbeing.”

DC: Sydney journalist (male, 50’s)

“I strongly recommend Bowen therapy for those dealing with Parkinson’s. The experience with Isy is one of clear communication of her love and dedication to this form of healing.”

Peter Whyte, Bermagui, NSW (male, 50’s)

“I have had Bowen with Isy since I was a child. Through my high school years, carrying a heavy book-laden bag, and spending so much time sitting at school on bad chairs, my back would every now and then need a tune up and one session was all I needed to be pain free and back in full form. All through Uni’ as well, I would have my Bowen “fix” when I went home in the holidays, ensuring that I got through my 3 years largely incident free…. though there was a time I was on the phone to Isy after a grueling week of study when my back seized up, and she took me through some gentle exercises that did the trick over a few days. I couldnt recommend Bowen or Isy more highly to keep your body and mind in full health, both as a preventative and when you need help.”

Eden: Student (female 21)

“Dear Isy,
Just a quick email to say how amazing I feel after our Bowen session. All those little aches and pains have gone and I feel really clear and energised. I couldn’t quite say what was really wrong before I came, I was just feeling very out of sorts. Now I feel like myself again, like I have been re-integrated and aligned. I feel fabulous, thanks! Angie”

Angela G. South Coast NSW. (Female, 20’s)

“2012 was a bad year for me health wise.
1) Very painful elbow joints, physio’ suggested quarterzone and or surgery after about a dozen appointments having ultrasound.
2) Arms going numb whilst sleeping.
3) aching wrists, forearms, bicep/triceps whilst sitting at computer.
4) April 2012 admitted to cardiac emergency with suspected heart issues.
Cardiologist gave all clear however consensus of opinion at hospital was I probably should have a CT scan and an MRI as possibly I had a neurological issue.
Luckily in the spring of 2012 i met Isy and started bowen therapy.
I was open to bowen technique as I had witnessed first hand how our competition horses benefited .
To say my treatment with Isy was a success is a gross understatement !!!
After the first treatment I experienced a huge improvement and by the fifth treatment all of the above issues were dealt with.
Without hesitation I would recommend Isy as not only is she a lovely person but a brilliant Bowen Therapist.”

Adam (photographer, 60’s)

“I suffered carpel tunnel in both arms for 8 years until a friend recommended Isy Gabriel to me. I instantly felt Isy’s spiritual aura and abilities and she was able to locate where the issues were steaming from and correct this and other problems within 3 treatments. I regularly visit Isy for a Bowen and feel rebalance and light afterwards. Her ability to connect spiritually with people from all walks fo life is a wonderful thing. Just being around Isy is healing for me. I am only sad that Isy has now left our part of the world to spread her healing abilities elsewhere.”

Donna (50’s Narooma)

“Bowen has helped keep my body together despite the continual bashing it takes. It’s a vital support in putting right a whole range of new aches and pains, making sure that old injuries don’t cause me problems, and helping me fight stress and fatigue.”
Bear’s Bowen therapist is Sarah Yearsley in the UK (

Bear Grylls (‘Born Survivor’, TV personality, Channel 4 UK)

“I am a Bowen practitioner and began my original Bowtech training in 1997, with Isy as my instructor. We have maintained a friendship since then and have been fortunate enough to swap treatments with her regularly. We have also shared a number of informal ‘skill refresher’ days, working side-by-side on a client or friend.
I have always found Isy to be empathetic in her dealings with people. She displays a natural compassion, not just with a client or in everyday life. This translates to an often deep healing shift on the table under her hands. Her technique is naturally flawless and she has kept me honest with mine more than once over the years.
I have great pleasure in providing testimony to her abilities as an accomplished and outstanding Bowen therapist.”

Peter Spurway: Bowen Practitioner, South Coast NSW (male 50’s)

“The way Isy works with essences within her Bowen sessions is inspirational. She has a deep connection to the flowers (and other elements) and brings intuition, wisdom and experience to the journey between the essences and the client.”

Tanmaya: Founder of Himalayan Enhancers & Gulaga Essences,