Body, Mind and Soul

I have been passionate about Bowen Therapy for 25 years and together with the development of a whole new set of tools through Holigral processing and a deep understanding of Family Constellations over 11 years of experience, this enables me to deal with a wide range of issues and provide deep and lasting solutions.  My unique combination background in Psychology and Bodywork allows me to identify and address concerns physically, emotionally, mentally and even in what shows up in your life as dysfunctional events or patterns. When you choose to work with me, we simply begin with  a conversation, track to the roots of those issues, dissolve them using my holistic and integrated approach and from there your life will flourish. Clients sometimes forget that they ever had an issue, in their body or their life, because it can disappear so completely.

I am committed to getting to the root of the issue, bringing the underlying dynamics to light, and thus healing arises naturally from within you.


My qualifications:

  • BSc. Honours Psychology: Oxford Brookes University UK 1986
  • PhD Postgraduate “Psychology of Behaviour” Research: St. Andrews University Uk 1986-89.
  • Bowen Therapy Diploma: Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia 1991
  • Massage, Anatomy and Physiology: ITEC UK 1992
  • Bowen Trainer with Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia: from 1993-2001 UK and Australia, Providing Continuing Development training Internationally til 2013.
  • Holigral NLP Coaching: 2005 Holigral Foundation (Steven Saunders)
  • Family Constellations: Workshops and trainers:  Bubula Lardi 2005-2009 Prabhu Tanmaya 2009-2016. Carl Buchheit, Carla Camou, Michelle Masters 2014. Maria Dolenc, Chris Walsh 2015, International Constellation Intensive: Francesca Boring, Jan Jacob Stern, Stephen Hausner, 2016, 
  • IICT: International Institute for Complementary Therapies: Full member
  • Full Professional insurance OAMPS